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February 3-May 5 - Southland F(116D) - 9:15-10:30am (Spring Groups Session)


Beginning February 3 - May 5 -  We will meet back at Southland F(116D)

Neil T. Anderson offers a dynamic series presentation of the transforming truths of his powerful bestseller The Bondage Breaker (more than 1.3 million copies sold). His message of what it means to be set free as a child of God continues to be revolutionary, helping countless individuals break the bondage of sin and seek purpose through their life in Christ.

Twelve remarkable 15-minute sessions help viewers explore:

Identity- what Scripture says about who they are
Spiritual conflict- how to take thoughts captive
The emotional life- how to heal damaged emotions
Freedom of forgiveness- what it means to forgive

The clear, timely teachings of this valuable resource inspire individuals and groups to embrace Jesus' promise to win the spiritual battles that confront them. And a bonus session walks viewers through a process of confession and repentance called the "Steps to Freedom in Christ." The Bondage Breaker Interactive Workbook is available to help viewers apply the lessons in personal ways.


1. Creation in Conflict Neil Anderson 14 MINS                         February 3     John Pearson
2. Identity in Christ Neil Anderson 14 MINS                              February 10   John Pearson
3. Mental Strongholds Neil Anderson 15 MINS                         February 17   Janie Webster
4. The Battle for Our Minds Neil Anderson 15 MINS                 February 24   Janie Webster
5. Managing Our Emotional Life Neil Anderson 16 MINS          March 3         John Pearson
6. The Freedom of Forgiveness Neil Anderson 15 MINS           March 10      John Pearson
7. The Position of the Believer Neil Anderson 15 MINS             March 17      John Pearson
8. The Authority of the Believer Neil Anderson 15 MINS            March 24      Janie Webster
9. The Protection of the Believer Neil Anderson 15 MINS          March 31      John Pearson
10. The Vulnerability of the Believer Neil Anderson 15 MINS     April 7           John Pearson

11. Setting Captives Free, Part One Neil Anderson 16 MINS     April 14         Janie Webster

EASTER------------------NO CLASS--------------------------------------April 21

12. Setting Captives Free, Part Two Neil Anderson 15 MINS     April 28         John Pearson

13. The 7 Steps to Freedom in Christ Neil Anderson 34 MINS   May 5           John Pearson